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One of the key uses of this area shall be education and research.  Students shall be encouraged to visit and partake in all of the offered activities.  The educational program carried out in the Sulaman Lake Mangrove Forest Reserve (SLMFR area) will help students familiarize themselves with the areas unique environment.  The aim of these educational activities is to improve students’ interest in and broaden their perspective of and begin to help them find value in the biodiversity and habitats found in the Sulaman wetland ecosystems. 


Students can explore up to five ecosystems, the three primary terrestrial ecosystems; mangrove forest, beach forest, sandy beaches, and the two aquatic ecosystems; freshwater and saltwater ecosystems unique to the northeast coast of Borneo. 


Education programmes also play a special role with the education in the surrounding rural schools by offering the possibility of cultural interaction with international school groups via combined activities.  This will help local youngsters will become aware of the importance of forest areas to outside groups of people and the need to protect them for these reasons as well.

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