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The current management team for this area is the Borneo Sulaman Cove Sdn. Bhd.  The area has been licensed to this company for a period of 50 years under an agreement with the Forestry Department. 


The management team acknowledges the importance of the area and continually strives to maintain and enhance the area, in terms of suitable forest and habitat restoration.  The management policy shall strive towards the preservation, conservation, and enhancement of the area. 


The management team strives to protect the necessary natural systems and landscape resources that support this area, and also restore damaged areas.  This involves the integration of environmental procedures with the management team’s operations, including the application of sustainable environmental practices and use of resources. 


The goal of the management team is to continue a financially viable, non-destructive, sustainable exploitation of the SLMFR Area based upon the provision of tourism and education services.

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