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A key policy of the Sabah Forestry Department is the preservation and protection of the forests and forest reserves in Sabah.  Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary has also adopted a policy of Sustainable Forest Management in order to achieve this goal.  This means that to protect all existing flora and fauna within the project area and to stop all destructive and/or unsustainable uncontrolled anthropogenic activities in the project area. 


One of the key management functions for the MC is to mitigate damaged areas within the SLMFR area. This means that management of a reforestation programme in areas where the natural forest assemblages have undergone degradation with emphasis on assisting a natural recovery of indigenous species.


One of the most common misconceptions with any forest restoration programme is the idea that the work is simply putting trees back into an area.  Any successful reforestation programme must be considered as one that assists and expedites the natural process of a forest taking over an area.  This includes due consideration of ensuring that suitable habitat returns for all of the indigenous associated organisms. 

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